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SRE’s principals, through their affiliate Summit Development, developed and led the construction of an18,000 square foot retail facility on the corner of 210th Street and Cumberland Drive in Elkhorn, Nebraska. Construction began in October 2018 and the building was fully leased upon completion of construction in May 2019.

Tenants include Bike Masters, who relocated its existing retail and service bike shop to the space, The Omaha Bakery, a renowned full-service bakery and deli, 308 Boutique, a niche women’s clothing boutique, Suite Child, a mother and baby merchandise store, and Steenblock Construction Group, a home office for a local full-service commercial construction company.


Summit Development Role


Type of Development

Flex Commercial

Size of Development

18,000 square feet

Status of Development

Completed and Fully Leased

Status of Development

Completed and Fully Leased

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