Located on the northwest corner of 204th Street F Street, Grandview Ridge Estates features 219 single family lots and one assisted living parcel near the entrance to the neighborhood.  The single-family lots were prepared for a custom builder group and semi-custom production builder, segregating the two different price points through design and use of a bisecting boulevard street.

To facilitate the project, we utilized a long-standing relationship with the original landowner to work out an off-market sale of net developable area, with the balance set up for a sale to the Papio Missouri River Natural Resources District for its Zorinsky Basin #2 water quality site.  We also worked in unison with the NRD and the City of Omaha Parks Department to coordinate the perimeter limits and grades of the development well in advance of design of the municipal water quality facility.


Summit Development Role


Type of Development

Single Family Residential Development

Size of Development

85 acre property containing 220 single family lots for custom and semi-custom homes.

Status of Development

Assisted living facility is operational, and a majority of homes are completed, although some homes are currently under construction

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